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Quality policy

The basic principle of construction; to complete the projects undertaken on time and with the expected quality. While doing this; To protect our human resources, designs and knowledge), To ensure occupational safety, cleanliness and order in our business, To strive to increase our market share by ensuring continuous development and improvement, There are methods and principles adopted by all our employees, starting from the board of directors.

Bölart activities;​ With our management system we have created, to be the preferred supplier by continuously offering the products in accordance with the customer's demands, at competitive prices, in the desired quantity and time, To reduce costs and increase efficiency with high quality level, product reliability and continuous improvement, to strive for their development and to ensure their satisfaction by providing them with better opportunities, to cooperate with our suppliers with a business partnership perspective and to strive for their development,
To use raw materials that do not harm the environment in our production and to ensure environmental satisfaction by reducing and evaluating our wastes,

Modern Merdivenler

To prevent our employees from getting occupational diseases, to prevent injuries to people who may be affected by our activities, together with our employees, and to prevent all negative effects on their health, to provide all necessary protection to control accidents, damage and dangers that may come to our own and other persons' property and property at the very beginning, Occupational health and safety It is aimed to monitor the dangers related to the environment with the same sensitivity, to make the necessary effort to minimize them, to comply with our legal obligations, the current Environmental and OHS legislation and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of.

Modern mimari

As one of the leading group companies of our country; In all our processes, it is our primary goal to establish the occupational health and safety of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors, customers and guests, visitors and other people affected by our activities. ​ In order to achieve this goal, our company;​ To adhere to all laws, regulations and standards related to Occupational Health and Safety, to be involved in the necessary training activities for the adoption of the Occupational Health and Safety culture, to constantly monitor and control Occupational Health and Safety risks, to minimize Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases, Protective measures It is committed to using the latest technology and continuously improving its Occupational Health and Safety performance.

As a division; First of all, with a sustainable environmental understanding and a management conscious of environmental impacts; Working by taking an active role in the protection and continuous improvement of nature is one of our main goals and principles. Based on this thought;​ We are committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations and legislations, Minimizing environmental impacts in our work, Protecting natural resources, Acting with energy efficiency in mind, Ensuring measurable continuous improvement in every possible area related to the environment, Acting respectfully and sensitively to the environment.

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